What good is an idea if it remains an idea?

Small businesses startups need a lot of advice on the best tech, platform development, services and design ideas to get to market as quickly as possible.

From Voice Calls to Viral Videos, Invoices to iOS Apps, Email to Ecommerce, Messaging to Marketing.

We provide new business startups with managed low cost packages so they can focus on building their customer base

Phone Services

We provide cloud-based phone infrastructure to connect callers to your business starting at $10/month including one local phone number! 

Give every user their own phone number, web phone, personal conference line, and voicemail (with transcription). Service grows with your business, you can add extenstions, multiple lines, and even send callers to your cellphone!

Design Services

Our branding design team works to convey your logo and image across web, print, video, social media and even vehicle decals, we can create an entirely matched business identity.

Website design and development from simple Landing Pages to showcase products or services to full ecommerce sales systems and content management systems. 

App Development

Whether your company needs to produce a free app to promote your branding or service, or create a direct for-profit app, we can help guide you through the planning, development and marketing process. Right from conception to design and development through to deployment on the iTunes store, we work with you to produce an app that is appealing, professional, functions perfectly, and above all, is downloaded.

Social Management

Our staff does more than just create engaging posts, content and graphics for your social media, we can even handle customer inquiries for you, sending leads your way, and answering product questions or resolving customer complaints. Your customers will always be looked after on the web, so you can focus on face-to-face interactions.

Tech Services

From helping you choose the right hardware and software to run your business, to handling IT and managing installations and end-user support. We provide full-scope monitoring and assistance. 

Proximity Marketing

Targeted content like curated deals, contextual information, educational applications, support, entertainment and much more.

Proximity Marketing is the ability to provide a smartphone user with digital information based on their physical proximity to an object.

For example, a person walks into a store and stands near a shoe display. The proximity marketing system will provide information to their app about the shoes on sale, or other marketing information.

Our mission

To provide ready-to-use proximity marketing services for any business level. From small coffee houses needing loyalty cards, to event venues and festivals needing user location awareness. 

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Our company

We're an Alberta based Creative Agency specialising in Web Design, App Creation, Text Message Marketing and Proximity Services.

Featuring quick turnaround and experts in many areas of marketing and SAAS services, we can take the stress out of any startup!

You're in control

We offer many packages, from all-inclusive business web management, creative design packages, to self managed application design services. We can do it all, or you can build your own app using our powerful Ionic Builder!

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Gone are the days when a small business needed to hire 5 different business to get off the ground!

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Pricing for our services is much lower than you would expect, as we negotiate pricing based on contracted terms.

We can get your entire business running for a monthly cost that is less than the cost of your home utility bills!